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  2. QX/T 292-2015 農業氣象觀測資料傳輸文件格式 File format for agrometeorological observation data transmission...2024-02-16
  3. QX/T 182-2013 水稻冷害評估技術規范 Technical specifications for evaluation of rice cold damage2024-01-23
  4. QX/T 362-2016 農業氣象觀測規范 煙草 Specifications for agrometeorological observation--Tobacco2024-01-15
  5. QX/T 276-2015 氣象工程項目初步設計報告編制規范 Specification for compiling preliminary design report of mete...2024-01-15
  6. QX/T 454-2018 衛星遙感秸稈焚燒過火區面積估算技術導則 Technical directive on satellite remote sensing of stra...2024-01-09
  7. QX/T 457-2018 氣候可行性論證規范 氣象觀測資料加工處理 Specifications for climatic feasibility demonstration-...2024-01-09
  8. QX/T 270-2015 CE318太陽光度計觀測規程 Regulation of CE318 sunphotometer measurement2024-01-06
  9. QX/T 193-2013 玻璃鋼百葉箱 Glass fiber reinfored plastic thermometer screen2023-12-13
  10. QX/T 171-2012 短消息LED屏氣象信息顯示規范 Specification for LED panel display of SMS-based meteorological in...2023-12-13
  11. QX/T 285-2015 電離層閃爍指數數據格式 The data format of ionospheric scintillation index2023-12-13
  12. QX/T 245-2014 雷電災害應急處置規范 Specifications for emergency disposal of lightning disaster2023-11-17
  13. QX/T 478-2019 龍卷強度等級 Tornado intensity scale2023-11-16
  14. QX/T 394-2017 東亞副熱帶夏季風監測指標 Monitoring index of East Asian subtropical summer monsoon2023-11-15
  15. QX/T 448-2018 農業氣象觀測規范 油菜 Specifications for agrometeorological observation-Rape2023-11-10
  16. QX/T 517-2019 酸雨氣象觀測數據格式 BUFR Data format for acid rain observations-BUFR2023-11-10
  17. QX/T 264-2015 旅游景區雷電災害防御技術規范 Technical specifications for lightning disaster prevention of tou...2023-11-03
  18. QX/T 21-2015 農業氣象觀測記錄年報數據文件格式 Annual records format of agrometeorological observation...2023-10-30
  19. QX/T 450-2018 阻隔防爆橇裝式加油(氣)裝置防雷技術規范 Technical specifications for lightning protection of sepa...2023-10-30
  20. QX/T 412-2017 衛星遙感監測技術導則 霾 Technical directives for haze monitoring by satellite remote sensing...2023-10-29
  21. QX/T 180-2013 氣象服務圖形產品色域 Colour gamut for graphics used in meteorological service2023-10-27
  22. QX/T 298-2015 農業氣象觀測規范 柑橘 Specifications of agrometeorological observation--Citrus2023-10-26
  23. QX/T 395-2017 中國雨季監測指標 華南汛期 Monitoring indices of rainy season in China-Flood season in South C...2023-10-21
  24. QX/T 434-2018 雪深自動觀測規范 Specifications for snow depth automatic observation2023-10-19
  25. QX/T 321-2016 溫度計量實驗室技術要求 Technical requirements for metrology laboratory of temperature...2023-10-16
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