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  2. JIS F2624-2021Ships and marine technology -- Aluminium ships -- Aluminium alloy guardrails2022-03-31
  3. JIS L1058-2021Test methods for snag of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics2022-03-31
  4. JIS M8010-2020/Amd 1-2021天然氣計量方法Measuring methods of quantity of natural gas2022-04-09
  5. JIS C61760-4-2016/Amd 1-2021Surface mounting technology -- Part 4: Classification, packaging, labelling and ...2022-04-09
  6. JIS B8101-2021Specifications for steam turbines2022-04-09
  7. JIS G3140-2021Higher yield strength steel plates for bridges2022-04-09
  8. JIS C8377-2021Requirements for fuse-links for the protection of semiconductor devices2022-04-08
  9. JIS C62610-6-2021Mechanical structures for electrical and electronic equipment -- Thermal management for cab...2022-04-08
  10. JIS Z4751-2-54-2021Medical electrical equipment -- Part 2-54: Particular requirements for the basic safety a...2022-04-08
  11. JIS K5668-2021Textured paints (synthetic resin emulsion type)2022-04-08
  12. JIS G3551-2021Welded steel wire and bar fabrics2022-04-08
  13. JIS C9335-2-10-2021Household and similar electrical appliances -- Safety -- Part 2-10: Particular requiremen...2022-04-08
  14. JIS B6220-2021Machine tools -- Test conditions for external cylindrical centreless grinding machines -- Test...2022-04-08
  15. JIS Z0208-1976/Amd 1-2021Testing Methods for Determination of the Water Vapour Transmission Rate of Moisture...2022-04-08
  16. JIS C61300-2-46-2021Fiber optic interconnecting devices and passive components -- Basic test and measurement...2022-04-08
  17. JIS C1513-2-2021Electroacoustics -- Octave-band and 1/N (fractional) -octave-band filters -- Part 2: Pattern...2022-04-08
  18. JIS F8103-2017/Amd 1-2021Small craft -- Electrical devices -- Electric energy storage equipment using second...2022-04-07
  19. JIS E3801-4-2021Train control system using radio communication -- Part 4: Procedure to determine the perform...2022-04-07
  20. JIS Z1541-2009/Amd 1-2021超強力雙面膠粘帶High potential pressure sensitive adhesive double coated tapes...2022-04-07
  21. JIS A1481-5-2021Determination of asbestos in building material products -- Part 5: Quantitative analysis of ...2022-04-07
  22. JIS Z4752-3-5-2021Evaluation and routine testing in medical imaging departments -- Part 3-5: Acceptance and ...2022-04-07
  23. JIS S0021-4-2021Packaging -- Accessible design -- Part 4: Handling and manipulation2022-04-07
  24. JIS A1191-2021Test method for tensile properties of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets for reinforcement ...2022-04-07
  25. JIS K0102-1-2021Testing methods for industrial water and industrial wastewater -- Part 1: Test methods for g...2022-04-07
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