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  2. ABNT ISO/TS 16840-11-2021Wheelchair seating Part 11: Determination of perspiration dissipation characteristi...2022-03-31
  3. ABNT NBR 16956-6-2021Beekeeping — Propolis Part 6: Determination of total phenols on propolis in natura2022-03-31
  4. ABNT NBR 16957-2021Fiber ropes — Care and maintenance, inspection and discard2022-03-31
  5. ABNT ISO/TR 80002-2-2021Medical device software Part 2: Validation of software for medical device quality sy...2022-04-06
  6. ABNT NBR 16664-3-2017/Amd 1-2021Neurosurgical implants - Hydrocephalus shunt Part 3: Test method for assessi...2022-04-06
  7. ABNT NBR 14188-2021Construction of footwear upper - Stiffeners and toepuffs - Determination of adhesion to t...2022-04-06
  8. ABNT NBR ISO 22964-2021Microbiology of the food chain — Horizontal method for the detection of Cronobacter ...2022-04-06
  9. ABNT NBR ISO 13772-2021Forestry machinery - Portable chain-saws - Non-manually actuated chain brake performa...2022-04-06
  10. ABNT NBR IEC 31010-2021Risk management - Risk assessment techniques2022-04-06
  11. ABNT NBR ISO 26825-2021Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - User-applied labels for syringes containing d...2022-04-09
  12. ABNT NBR ISO 18369-1-2021Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses Part 1: Vocabulary, classification system and re...2022-04-09
  13. ABNT NBR ISO 148-2-2021/Errata 1-20212022-04-09
  14. ABNT NBR 16664-2-2021Neurosurgical implants - Hydrocephalus shunt Part 2: Test method for determining radiop...2022-04-09
  15. ABNT NBR 14883-2021Petroleum, by-products and biofuels - Manual sampling2022-04-09
  16. ABNT NBR 15698-2021Aluminium and aluminium alloys - AlTi and AlTiB grain refiners in rod, ingot and bar shap...2022-04-09
  17. ABNT NBR 6601-2021Light duty road vehicles - Determination of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide,...2022-04-08
  18. ABNT NBR 16960-2021Railroad - Minimum requirements of the railroad for the transport of dangerous products2022-04-08
  19. ABNT NBR ISO 7207-2-2016/Amd 1-2021Implants for surgery - Components for partial and total knee joint prosth...2022-04-08
  20. ABNT NBR ISO 2780-2021Milling cutters with tenon drive - Interchangeability dimensions for cutter arbors - M...2022-04-08
  21. ABNT NBR 16664-1-2021Neurosurgical implants - Hydrocephalus shunt Part 1: General provisions2022-04-08
  22. ABNT NBR ISO 15077-2021Tractors and self-propelled machinery for agriculture - Operator controls - Actuating...2022-04-08
  23. ABNT NBR ISO 6489-3-2021Agricultural vehicles - Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles Par...2022-04-08
  24. ABNT NBR 13339-2021Liquid waste - Bath residual piquel and tanning - Determination of acidity2022-04-08
  25. ABNT NBR 16945-2021Classification of fire resistance of building elements2022-04-08
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